As the children move up the school and gain their confidence in the swimming pool they are given a coloured ribbon 
when they are able to do certain things in the pool, the list below show what they have achieved  to gain each ribbon.

Light Green Ribbon, Water Confidence 1, for reception children. Participate in lessons, show some confidence in the 
water, have a go at moving around in the pool, with aids.

White Ribbon, Water Confidence 2, jump in from the side, fully submerge face in the water and blow bubbles, 
demonstrate sustained leg kicking and arm movement across the width. Once white ribbon has been awarded the 
children can choose whether they continue wearing armbands or not.

Dark Blue Ribbon - 1 width no aids

Red Ribbon - 10 m (3/4 of a length) no aids

Green Ribbon - 30m (2 lengths) no stopping, no aids

Orange Ribbon - 15m (1 length) in good style, no aids

Silver Ribbon - 60m (4 lengths) in good style, no aids

Purple Ribbon 120m (8 lengths) in good style, 4 on the front and 4 on the back, no stopping, no aids

Pink and Turquoise Ribbons - Endeavour for years 1 / 2

Waterskills Ribbons
Starfish, Yellow Ribbon - Waterskills 1 - star float front and back, collect something from the bottom of the pool 
using hands or feet, armbands can be used

Light Blue Ribbon, Otter - Waterskills 2 - star float front and back, collect something fro the bottom of the pool 
using hands or feet, jump in unassisted, no aids

Gold Ribbon - Dolphin - Waterskills 3 - push and glide on the front and back, a mushroom float, star floats on front
and back, swim through a hoop and collect several items from the bottom of the pool, with hands (swimming under 
water) no aids
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